Hi, I'm Niclas

My first experiences with programming were not so great

My first point of contact with programming was in 2017 when a friend and I wanted to start a company that would sell an App. However, we knew nothing about code and nobody wanted to do it for us. So the project failed before it even startet. In 2019, we had another idea. We again wanted to hire a freelancer but this time I wanted to find out beforehand if our idea wasn't too complex to handle. So I watched a few tutorials on HTML and soon found myself building small Javascript projects. I loved it! I loved it so much that I completely forgot about the original idea and dedicated all my time to coding. Although I worked full time as auditor at one of the largest auditing companies of the world, within a year I learned HTML, CSS, Javascript, React, React-Native, NodeJS, PHP and got a job.

This blog is not about me

When I first started, I head no idea about programming or even computers. It was therefore very hard to watch tutorials or read articles from IT-veterans, as I barely understood a word. This blog exists to explain solutions for complex problems in an easy way, so that everybody can understand it.